Thursday, January 18, 2007

Top Ten

I have to admit, I saw this on another blog and am stealing the idea. But it looks like fun! So all of you who read this (yeah probably just Mike) list your top ten! It's just a fun top ten of the things you like, things that make you smile. So comment away and if you don't have a blog account, enter other or Anonymous!

Ok, here are my top ten! (where is Letterman when ya need him?)

Leaving out the "givins" like family, friends, and The Big Cowboy in the sky,

10) that campfire smell

9) getting really lost in a good movie and wondering where the time went when it's over

8) getting into bed with clean sheets right after taking a shower

7) sitting on my horse, looking at the mountains, both of us content

6) going on "adventures" with my wife

5) getting to brag that I lead my Babe Ruth team in my last year, my church softball team, and the last softball team I played on (most of the kids were in their mid 20's I was 43 years old) in home runs! (ok, so it was only one each year but hey it was one more than anyone else had!)

4) the t-shirt I received from the Little League team I coached that won just 2 games all year, but what a great group on 8 year old kids! The shirt has the team picture on it.

3) seeing a father cry when he watched the DVD of the photos I took at his daughter's wedding. (he was happy! not thinking I spent all that money on this!!)

2) relaxing in the hot tub with a beautiful blond! (yes my wife is blond)

1) watching my wife when she doesn't know it. Man, she is beautiful!!


Mike said...

nice list! I will have to steal from your blog and do something like that! I see changes made to your blog....lookin good!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is...your wife is a very lucky lady to have a husband like you!!