Monday, January 22, 2007

Let's go Surfin!

Took my life in my own hands this weekend, taking seven kids to the beach. January is really one of the bests times to go to the beach as the weather is usually pretty good and not much wind. Now for those of you that don't have a real ocean near by (no Mike. Lakes, no matter how big, don't count) I gotta feel sorry for you. There is nothing else like hearing the crash of the waves, smelling the salt in the air and seeing the girls...uhhhh, I mean kids playing in the sand! Every time we go there, I never want to leave.
Anyway, the kids went boogie boarding and had a great time. Even if the water would have froze Leonardo DiCaprio faster than a sinking ocean liner! They had a great time, as did Yvette and I. Our next trip, she and I would like to take our horses and stay overnight at the Madonna Inn. Ridding into the sunset on the beach. Can that get any better?

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Mike said...

I totally agree with you....nothing like the ocean! Speaking of horseback riding on the beach....the helmet thing...still our little secret...RIGHT?????