Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Friday, October 15, 2010


Where does he get his sense of humor?
My son...makes daddy so proud!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

And since I loooooooooooove boobies... check them!!

Enjoy! (the video!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Goldrush Gunslingers Make Television Debut

Our old west entertainment group will be featured on local television this Thursday Aug 19, 2010. The Goldrush Gunslingers will be appearing on "The Early Late Show" with Danny Minch and Mike Wirtz. The show is a kind of "Wayne's World" type of show, produced locally in Fresno. The Slingers are scheduled to be part of the show airing from 6 to 7 PM Pacific time. It's on local digital 33.1 AND also on their website broadcasting to the world at
Make sure you tune in and check us out, you don't wanna miss this show!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lesson In Life And Death

Staring Tyler and me.

Slightly trimmed to fit on the blog. You can view the full video here.

Seemed to get bashed some with comments like ""the acting was stiff" and "the acting could have been better" but what the heck. I don't do it for a living anyway. Please feel free to pile on with your comments if you like.

I supplied all the props and costumes, except the one the young lady wears.

The writer/director hopes to make a feature from this and is writing a script now. I think the story would make a good Hallmark movie, but I think this is as far as I'll be going with it. Hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder...and other stuff!

Woke up Friday morning and had one of those nights where I had dreams, but don't really remember them. I do remember dreaming something about Jesus and all day Friday and most of Saturday a song has been rolling thru my head. Now this song is one I guess, I've heard somewhere in the past. The lyrics were not familiar to me but strangely I know them. After having one of my all to regular nights of waking up at about 3:30am and not going back to sleep, I decided to Google the catch phrase that will not leave my mind. Wow! Not only is this really a song, but it's been done by everyone from Johnny Cash to Sinatra (Hank Sinatra that is!)
Is God taking to me? I dunno but if He was, this is the message I would want to hear! In the past I've had dreams where I felt He was, then when I listened, it was for my benefit! Anyway, here is one of the many versions of this, my new favorite Christian song!

Tyler and I are in Winters this weekend filming a western movie called "Lessons in Life and Death" ( and having fun doing it. I play Marshal Tom Colton and Tyler plays Billy Colton. It's a fun little film about having to make decisions on where you take your life. We spent all Sat filming in 98 degree weather and lemme tell you, wearing a vest and coat and was HOT! We couldn't wait to get to our hotel and shower! Well after hitting the sack, I woke up about 3:30am (we're you paying attention from that part earlier in this post?) and knowing I'm not going back to sleep decided to go on line. Then I got an itch. Scratched it, not thinking much and felt a bump. Looking down at my side I saw a brown, what looked like a mole. Except I don't have a mole there! Went into the bathroom and discovered I had a tick! Lucky for me, he had just decided to rest on me and not bite. So he got a watery sendoff! Wow! the things I go thru for the ARTS! This is a photo of Tyler, me and Travis Herche. Travis plays the bad guy, The Memphis Kid!
Have most of the movie finished, one more 1/2 day of shooting for Tyler and Travis. All I have to do is voice over. After the film is done, it'll be entered in film festivals starting with DVX West-Fest. You can find it on line there starting July 19th!

Time for our continental breakfast! Yummy....sort-of!
Happy Trails, Buckaroos!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Woke up to about 6 text messages from friends and family wishing me a happy daddy day! Nice way to start the day!

Happy Father's Day to all dads, moms that have to be dads too, and all who take the place of a dad in the life of a child!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Back In The Saddle Again

Well back on the ol blog page after a long absence. A few reasons for the time off but to keep it short and sweet, I need to LJHI (for the meaning of that look here)
So what's been going on with Ye Ol Gopper? Been a roller coaster of a year, some ups some downs but thru it all there has been my family, especially Yvette, supporting me. She is my strength and is starting to make me believe that we will get thru anything together. I love her more all the time.

Been taking my pal Dusty to Hollywood for auditions for both him and me for different things. As of this writing neither has booked anything but we get auditions and that's a good thing. I took Dusty on an audition for a Dickies commercial then a few days later, we went back for a Viagra audition for him. A couple days later he got a call back for the Dickies so I guess the Viarga may have helped with his Dickies!

I thought that was funny anyway!

The Goldrush Gunslingers ( ) have been going like gang-busters! So much fun has come from this group and we're busier than a Starbux after a church service! Sadly, we are loosing a couple of members, Wild Bill Hiccup and Miss Kitty, who are moving to another state. They will be coming back for visits and promise to attend some of our big events throughout the year so at least they are not gone for good! They have brought so much fun to the group and it's been really fun to watch Wild Bill come out of his shell some as he has become more comfortable with participating in skits with the group. Miss Kitty and Wild Bill...we will miss you! Thanks for the great times and best of luck in the times ahead!!!

Tyler and I have another film coming up together called "Lessons In Life and Death".

It's a short western where I play U.S. Marshall Tom Colton, and Tyler plays my son Billy Colton. It's going to be entered in a film festival but could use some help from you! Please check out this page!

This will be the 3rd time Tyler and I have been in a film together and all three playing father and son.
Think I'm getting type-cast!
So that's the last 6 months in a nutshell. I'm going to try harder to update this page more often and would really like to hear from those who read this dribble if you would. And if you can find it in your heart, (and pocket book) to help out with this film we're doing, well you'll be a friend for life!!!