Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gotta go back, BACK, back to school again....

Oh no, they gotta Go...back again!!

School restarts tomorrow and (clockwise) Alexis, Josh and Clayton along with Cheyanne, Tyler and Archie will be hitting the books and filling their heads with many things that are actually used in the real world!

For me, it's a mixed blessing. I'm happy for them to be going back and getting off their collective butts, but it's still a little sad. Just another step in growing up. Archie will be a senior this year. Hard for me to believe. We talked about it a little last night. He remembers, a little, of his first year in school. He went to head start when he was four to help with his speech. That was 1995. Amazing all the life that has been lived since those years. Births and deaths, mountains and valleys, comings and goings in the lives of those that reside in this house.

For everyone that is returning, or has kids returning or just starting...."Oh no, you gotta go..back to schooooool.........AGAIN!