Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas (yes, I said CHRISTMAS!!)

It's that time of year again, just finished our three week engagement at Cobb Ranch playing cowboy with Archie and this year Joshua joined the group. He did well! (you can visit our site at This could be the last year for Archie at Cobbs with me as he is considering joining the Army or Marines after he graduates high school in a few months. That was not lost on either of us as we did our final day there this year. As a parent, it scares the poop out of me for him to join, but as an American I'm extremely proud of him. He still hasn't made up his mind tho and may stay and go to school first. Time will tell!

So now, without further ado, I once again present the Slone Players staring Archie, Tyler, Joshua, Cheyanne, Alexis, Clayton, my beautiful wife Yvette and of course the dude in the shades is yours truly (fame from last years success has gone to my head!)

So from our house to yours, we wish you a joyous and safe Christmas!

The Slone Players...snow kidding!

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The Slone Players Have a Wonderful Life

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