Sunday, June 27, 2010

When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder...and other stuff!

Woke up Friday morning and had one of those nights where I had dreams, but don't really remember them. I do remember dreaming something about Jesus and all day Friday and most of Saturday a song has been rolling thru my head. Now this song is one I guess, I've heard somewhere in the past. The lyrics were not familiar to me but strangely I know them. After having one of my all to regular nights of waking up at about 3:30am and not going back to sleep, I decided to Google the catch phrase that will not leave my mind. Wow! Not only is this really a song, but it's been done by everyone from Johnny Cash to Sinatra (Hank Sinatra that is!)
Is God taking to me? I dunno but if He was, this is the message I would want to hear! In the past I've had dreams where I felt He was, then when I listened, it was for my benefit! Anyway, here is one of the many versions of this, my new favorite Christian song!

Tyler and I are in Winters this weekend filming a western movie called "Lessons in Life and Death" ( and having fun doing it. I play Marshal Tom Colton and Tyler plays Billy Colton. It's a fun little film about having to make decisions on where you take your life. We spent all Sat filming in 98 degree weather and lemme tell you, wearing a vest and coat and was HOT! We couldn't wait to get to our hotel and shower! Well after hitting the sack, I woke up about 3:30am (we're you paying attention from that part earlier in this post?) and knowing I'm not going back to sleep decided to go on line. Then I got an itch. Scratched it, not thinking much and felt a bump. Looking down at my side I saw a brown, what looked like a mole. Except I don't have a mole there! Went into the bathroom and discovered I had a tick! Lucky for me, he had just decided to rest on me and not bite. So he got a watery sendoff! Wow! the things I go thru for the ARTS! This is a photo of Tyler, me and Travis Herche. Travis plays the bad guy, The Memphis Kid!
Have most of the movie finished, one more 1/2 day of shooting for Tyler and Travis. All I have to do is voice over. After the film is done, it'll be entered in film festivals starting with DVX West-Fest. You can find it on line there starting July 19th!

Time for our continental breakfast! Yummy....sort-of!
Happy Trails, Buckaroos!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Woke up to about 6 text messages from friends and family wishing me a happy daddy day! Nice way to start the day!

Happy Father's Day to all dads, moms that have to be dads too, and all who take the place of a dad in the life of a child!