Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever!"

My beautiful wife, Yvette, is starting her training for the 3 Day Walk for breast cancer. The picture above, is the shoes I got her for training for the walk. She's such a Oakland A's fan, I had them made special with the green and gold.
She will be walking 60 miles in 3 days, this time in San Diego in mid November. It's a very emotional thing for her to do, as she has had many loved ones touched by this awful disease. She walks for them and for the many who will be diagnosed with it in the future. In her last walk, she endured shin splints, lost toe nails, and pain like she had never felt before. She walked in the cold fog of San Francisco, up hills and through rain. Was it worth all the pain and would she do it again? In her own words from the diary she kept.

"YES!! It was an experience I will never regret or forget! What did I learn? I learned that people CAN make a difference. I learned that no matter how small a part I played in this, I was & am a part in finding a cure! I learned that I can go on, I can take one more step, I can make a difference & I have the courage and the strength to do it!"

Yvette, you are truly my hero!

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Mike said...

Very nice post and very nice shoes!!! I need me a pair of em!!!!
Would make the Twins fans freak out!

Proud of you Yvette! Lets hope this year is a little nicer on your body!