Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Obfuscation is the concealment of intended meaning in communication, making communication confusing, intentionally ambiguous, and more difficult to interpret.

My son Tyler and I returned home late Sunday (ok it was like 2:30am Monday morning) from L.A. where we were filming a music video. The song is called "Obfuscation" by a band called "Between the Buried and Me" It's a acid-metal-band and being an old guy, I can't understand any of the words.

Tyler and I play father and son in a 1950's sci-fi short movie thing that goes with the song. Kinda like "Thriller" was for some guy whose name escapes me at the moment. We had a blast and worked between 10 and 14 hour days shooting this thing but Tyler was great! (OK I thought I was good too but nobody notices the dad in these things!)

So here are some pics along with a couple from "Karmic Currency" the short movie we did in the Bay Area the week before.

Tyler and a Alien

So that's how he moved so smooth! about 12' tall!

The evil magician

Dad with his 55 Bel Aire! Awesome ride! Got to drive it for about an hour! Notice the slick hair and lack for hair under my lip???

My son, the star!!

Dad almost showing off his goodies!


Mike said...

This is perhaps your most shocking post ever!

To see the gopman without stache...was a shocker..I mean I was used to you not having it...but its been awile since the naked lip look.

The inches from "goodies" shot. I had to place my head in a bucket of ice water to erase that image.


Oh yeah...nice robe! Diggin it!

Jay said...

OMG! You look like a cross between Dad and Pop!

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That looks like it is going to be pretty good.

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