Friday, September 4, 2009


I'd like to start this post by saying thank you for the support my son, wife and I have received from many of you during a very difficult time. I thought of posting about it and maybe someday I will, but for now it's a subject I'd like to put behind us. Just a big thank you and on with life.

Tomorrow, I will be reunited with the equine love of my life, Suzie-Slow-Poke! It was a year ago that I donated her to Wonder Valley so she could be used for kids with special needs, girl scouts, etc. She has done very well giving out her special love to so many people, but now we get to be together if only for 5 days.

In July, I auditioned for a western movie being shot in Gold Country. I landed a part and my character, Bert Wheeler, has a scene where he leaps on a trusty steed and bolts off to fetch the doc. When I read that I thought, "I so wish I could use Suzie for this". So I thought whats the worst they could say? After all I was told I could come ride her if I wanted! So I called, and after two weeks I got a call back. It was Sat. afternoon when Cheyanne brought me the phone. It was Taffy at Wonder Valley. I asked, she said it wouldn't be a problem! WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!! I cleared it with the director, who thought it would be good because Suzie and I are familiar with each other, and tomorrow I pick up Suzie! It's gonna be so great! We'll be camping and I should have a couple of days where her and I get to just ride around and explore the area because 1/2 of my stuff is a night shot.

I really think it will also work as a closure for me with her. When I donated her last year, it seemed to happen so fast. Made a call, seems like the next day Taffy was there and Suzie and Dolly were gone. I had a rough time watching her leave, but now I feel I'll be able to let her go when I take her back on Thurs.

But until'll be...A fiery horse with the speed of sound, a cloud of dirt, and a hearty



Mike said...

Awww...Thats great! I love Susie ( thank you for being a) slowpoke! She was very kind to Captain Crash Helmet dude! :-)

Lori said...

This is fantastic. What's the name of your movie so we can watch both you and Suzie?

I've been so out of touch, I wasn't aware you were going through a difficult time lately. I'm so sorry for whatever it was and hope you are all right.

Blessings to you and yours.