Sunday, August 2, 2009

A few months back, the Gunslingers were asked if we would appear at a birthday party for a little boy. I thought "sure" and checked with other members of our group. Nobody had any objections so off we went.We did receive some razing from other people..."doing birthday party's for kids??" but we had a good time and besides there was FREE CAKE!! Can't pass up that! Last week I received this message on my blog.

"I'm the mom of that young birthday boy! We loved you guys, and so did everyone else. Months later people are still talking about it. It was actually Brent's 4th birthday and all he can talk about is "inviting the Gunslingers to his 5th birthday party!" You made quite positive impression on a whole lot of little ones. Thanks again!"

That party was six months ago and we seemed to have made a lasting impression. I remember the look in Brent's eyes when we arrived, the smiles and laughs on the faces of his friends and family.

That's why the Goldrush Gunslingers do what we do.

We do it so that boy or girl or man or woman, will have a memory that will last years.

We do it to see the joy in the face of that "tough" kid in the baggy pants and the baseball cap on sideways as he lets his guard down for that split second and smiles as the cowboy trades hats with him, or the floozy flirts with him just a little.

We do it for that elderly person who remembers the names Roy, Gene, and Hoppy and knows who they were and what they stood for.

We do it for that person, young or old, who goes away from one of our shows and wants to know more about what they saw and heard regarding the Mussel Slough Tragedy or The Black Kid Hold-Up and decides to research it.

And we do it for kids like Brent, who just plain love cowboys. Cuz ya know what Brent? So do we!

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Lori said...

What a blast! If you lived in KS you could come do a b-day party for us, too! :-)