Saturday, June 13, 2009

wow....just wow!

The Goldrush Gunslingers were the opening act for the Fresno Philharmonic and the Sons of the San Joaquin tonight...but just by the skin of our teeth! Activate the way back machine, and put it very slow mode!

Friday afternoon 5PM Fresno time. I arrive at home wondering where the Suburban was, we had to leave for the show! Archie had gone to pick up a friend, who was going to video the show for us. After waiting for a few , they showed up and we all headed for the car. Archie tells me that after picking up his friend, they got on the freeway and entered in front of a car that felt he was cut off! Well somehow Archie's friend had a airsoft gun and the other car saw it. yep.... you guested it. They called 911. Now, I'm not too happy now. As I said we all got in the car, Yvette, Archie, his friend, Josh, Cheyanne, and my nephew Wayne, and headed out. Guess who we ran into? Yeppers, Fresno Finest! The police car followed us, then there was another one. By the time we got on the freeway, there were three of them. By the time they pulled us over, there were eight of them AND big brother in the sky, the FPD helicopter!

Well, long story short(too late!!) We were all cuffed and Yvette, Josh and I were stuffed while the rest were made to sit on the sidewalk. Of course we are 1/2 mile from our destination so EVERYBODY going to the concert saw us! The po-po, picked up the people who called 911 and they identified Archie's friend as the bad guy and he was detained while we were finally released, but not before the local news showed up. Now you know ol Jeffy, always looking for the funny side. When asked if I wanted to give my side, I didn't hesitate! After finishing my interview we made it to the show in the nick of time! Thank Goodness the rest of the group had already got there and started without us.

All in all, it isn't something I would want to do again! Archie regrets that he didn't have his friend put the gun in the back like he was supposed to do. I'm not happy the coppers took all our guns we use in our shows, but at least they weren't real guns and we will get them back.

At least the Sons of the San Joaquin and the Fresno Phil really liked our show, but it sucked having sooooooooo many people whisper, "those were the ones the police had pulled over". But hey, it's been said. Any publicity is good publicity! I mean...look at Britney Spears!!


Jay said...

You left out the part about having to put "2" sets of cuffs on Wayne. He thinks that was funny.

Mike said...


Man...ever since this movie thing...the press is just hounding the gopman.


Handshake and a hug Joey style.