Friday, June 12, 2009


Been a really busy week. Received a e-mail from the Fresno Philharmonic on Monday, wanting to know if the Goldrush Gunslingers could step in and open their concert with the Sons of the San Joaquin tonight at the Rotary Amphitheatre at Woodward Park. It's the first in the "summer concerts in the park" series. There should be between 2 and 3 thousand (and maybe as much as four thousand) people pressure! Our new group, the Goldrush Gunslingers, (
is formed of key members (and all the talented members, IMHO! ) of the old group, the san joaquin gunslingers, that were fired by it's founder last month.
The Goldrush Gunslingers have been rehearsing all week and we're ready. At final rehearsal last night, we met the Sons. Very nice, down to earth guys!
Wish us luck!


Jay said...

Break a leg!

Mike said...

Go get em pard!