Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where were you...

I make this note before you read what I have written below. I am an American. I love America. I take no shame in saying it. This country could be better, and it strives to be, but it's the best thing going. If you are offended by that, so be it. You can move on. If not, you are welcome to stay.

September 11, 2001.

Many blogs, newspaper, t.v. stations and radio stations will report on 9/11 today.
Mine will also.

September 11th 2001, I was on the freeway taking my mom to work. I received a call from Yvette asking me if I knew what was happening. She had received a call from her cousin in Mexico telling her what had happened. Neither of us believed it.

This is a day to remember. Remember those who died in New York, Washington, and on a field in Pennsylvania in a vicious attach on America.

This is a day when everyone here, is an American first. There should be no hyphen Americans, no Republican or Democrat Americans, no black, red, brown, white, yellow Americans.

Today, We are all just Americans!

I hope you fly your American flag today in memory of those lost and those who have to go on without a loved one.

When you hear that jet fly over head, remember it's the sound of freedom.

God bless America and America, bless God!


Jarre said...

I was the only one up and had just gotten on AOL. I couldn't beleive what I was reading. I ran in and turned on the TV, stood there crying and in shock, yelling for everyone to get up. How could some thing like this be happening to us? Then as the morning went on with the reports of the other planes our skies fell silent. I will never forget that day, and I thank God every day that, "WE ARE STILL THE LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE!"

Anonymous said...

Where were you.........Slone?

Slone said...

I was on the freeway when I first heard of the attach. Later that afternoon, I was holding my crying daughter telling her that the jets that were taking off over our house was not another attach, but was the "sound of freedom". To this day, when we hear the jets fly over, she'll say "Thats the sound of freedom!"

Mike said...

I was also driving to work. There was a report that a small cesna plane had crashed into the twin towers. I remember thinking it was strange and I decided to flip a small tv on in my office ( I worked in a warehouse at the time...but I had a office!). I can still remember the horror as I saw that second plane hit the building. I knew our world had changed.

I also remember how proud I was of our country at that time. How we all pulled together. I hope people have not forgotten in the 7 years since it occurred.

I also remember having to explain to my then 5 year old son as to why people would want to do this. It was a rough day...I wont ever forget it.

Lori said...

We were just leaving the house and saw that first plane go into the twin towers on the news. But it was later that morning when there was a lock down at the school and we learned what had really happened.

.......and as far as September 14th...I missed your birthday! I hope that it was a wonderful day filled with all of the joy and love you are so deserving of.