Saturday, July 26, 2008

National Day of the American Cowboy, July 26, 2008

"National Day of the American Cowboy"

This is a day we set out to give praise
To those who honor the Cowboy ways.

The American Cowboy is a true hero,
Who helped our nation to thrive and grow.

The cowboy was a true pioneer,
Who braved the wild western frontier.

Not only did he tame the American West,
He stood for the values which we think of as best:

He believes in hard work, and playing hard too,
And in honoring women in all that they do.

To be independent and stand up for what's right,
To be courageous and honest and not run from a fight.

To be brave and loyal, to ride for the brand,
And be a good steward of his livestock and land.

Those are timeless values that still hold true,
Still used every day in what modern cowboys do.

Now the U.S. Senate has voted to have a day
To honor the American Cowboy in this way.

We give thanks for all that cowboys and cowgirls do,
To keep the Cowboy way alive and true.

So we honor this legacy for the values it will employ,
As we celebrate the National Day of the American Cowboy.

by Ron Wilson, Poet Lariat

The Code of the American Cowboy
(As reportedly read at John Wayne's eulogy by his son Patrick Wayne)

1. A cowboy does not judge color of skin, but by character within.

2. A cowboy always respects a lady and tips his hat to all that pass him by

3. A cowboy stands strong for what the American frontier is all about: Freedom, Truth, Justice and the American way.

4. A cowboy will not be wronged, nor wrongs another.
The justice he deems out depends on that.

5. A cowboy is loyal, and hard working and maintains a high ethic.

6. A cowboy loves his country, and will fight for it's principles and sovereignty.

7. A cowboy respects his animals and the earth they roam upon.

8. A cowboy is faithful to what is entrusted to him.

9. A cowboy is bound by duty, honor, and gratitude for what God has given him, which includes his friends and family.

10. A cowboy maintains a hidden code in his heart, for all to see.

The Creed of The Lone Ranger

"I believe that to have a friend,
a man must be one.

That all men are created equal
and that everyone has within himself
the power to make this a better world.

That God put the firewood there
but that every man
must gather and light it himself.

In being prepared
physically, mentally, and morally
to fight when necessary
for that which is right.

That a man should make the most
of what equipment he has.

That 'This government,
of the people, by the people
and for the people'
shall live always.

That men should live by
the rule of what is best
for the greatest number.

That sooner or later...
we must settle with the world
and make payment for what we have taken.

That all things change but truth,
and that truth alone, lives on forever.

In my Creator, my country, my fellow man."

The Lone Ranger

Slone and his wonderhorse, Sterling

Slone Says...

Now get that cowboy hat on, pull on them boots, get out there and put up your American flag and enjoy,

The National Day of the American Cowboy!


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Lori said...

And another Yee Hawwwww from Kansas!
Yay and Hurray for the American cowboy. I love all that you wrote here and will have to come back to study it in greater depth. I'm going to have to email this post to a friend of mine who also lives and CA and loves the cowboy way.

Thanks for sharing!

Mike said...

I am a city guy who lives in the country. Have only rode a horse with a helmet ( man thats hard to look at in print) and yet do love the cowboy credo. Life would be much more simple with some of its logic.

Yeeehaw.....bonk....ouch me head