Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today is the last day of school and like many parents, I don't look forward to it too much. My reasons may be a bit different. My daughter Cheyanne finishes grammar school today while oldest son Archie becomes a high school senior and youngest son Clayton has completed pre-school. The one that effects me the most is Cheyanne, for different reasons. I remember her first day at kindergarten seven years ago like it was yesterday. Her mother had made a point that she was going to attend Cheyanne's first day of school back then, but died two weeks before that day. Cheyanne has always had a tough time on her first day of school, even as recently as this school year. I walked her to her class at the start this school year. She was in her glory, ready to rule the school! As we came close to her building she slowed up and I saw my baby girl's eyes start to water. At that moment she wasn't a big sixth grader, but a little girl that was scared and wanted her daddy again. I hugged her and we stood there for a moment until she was ready to complete the final few steps into her future. This school year has flown by for me, and as I write this on the morning that my children all finish another school year, my heart is heavy. Another step into adulthood for them, another step in growing up and away from me. As they all face new challenges, it's just another day for them and the end of another cycle for me.

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Lori said... guys finish late. We were out May 22nd.

I know exactly what you mean. I don't like it when the years go by so quickly and the kids move more towards independence and away from Mom...even though this is what we prepare them for. All the years will be bittersweet, but Archie's senior year will be a year filled with many 'lasts'. It goes by so quickly (see my daughter's graduation pics at my site) and before you know it, he'll be stepping out into the world. *sigh*