Thursday, March 27, 2008

You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda

I've found a blog by a dude named Crusty the Biker, and he seems to be just that! Now Crusty, if for some reason you read this, no malice intended! I enjoy his blog and his writing. His blog is, for the most part, motorcycle oriented. He did a post with the same title as I am using for this one, but mine is going a different direction. As of a few weeks ago, I am a Honda owner.
I purchased a 1986 Shadow VT1100.

I've always been interested in motorcycles since my first ride when I was about 10. On and off over the years I toyed with getting one but always had a reason not to. Most of the time it was fear of my mother! My mother has always, very adamantly, been against me EVER owning a motorcycle! Yep, I admit it, she's 78 years old and can still kick my rump from here to the moon! One of the very few people in this world that I am truly intimated by (Yvette being the other!) but I digress! I decided after talking with Yvette about it for the billionth time, that I was gonna really look at getting one. She was still not crazy about it, but after finding a bike at a local shop, I talked her into going with me to see it. That bike was a Rebel, a small bike but from what I had read, a good first bike. Yvette didn't like it, saying I was too big for it. She then told me to sit on the bike next to it, a 06 Shadow. BAM! That was it! SHE liked how I looked on it, I liked how it felt under me WE DIDN'T like the $6500 asking price! Our next stop was another, and I think the biggest bike shop around Fresno where I pal of mine works. I sat on more bikes and then SHE sat on a bike and BAM PART TWO!! All of the sudden SHE WANTS ONE TOO! I'm thinking this is great! I'm getting one for sure now!

The next few weeks go by, I take the MSP class and pass without falling off, I look at some bikes for sale more in my price range, and settle on the 86 Shadow! Yvette and I go to pick it up and because the back tire isn't in great shape and the bike is in the foothills, we load it in my truck and head the REAL test!!!!

My mother lives around the block from where I live. The only way to get onto my street, is to pass in plain view of her house. I'm praying "don't be outside...don't be outside" as we drive down the street towards her house before we turn onto our street. The bike gods were smiling on me as she wasn't outside when I turned! WOOO-HOOO! Phase one complete! We unload and start to play with my new toy! A few more days go by and at last I can't take it anymore! Time to face the music. Now I'm not the worlds smallest guy, even six foot 200 lbs of pure man meat (or so the babes tell me!) note here, I love you Yvette!! My mother is a wimpy 5'5" 130LBS AT BEST! AND SHE'S 78 YEARS OLD! So what do I have to worry about? I march right up to her and wrap my nine foot arms around her and in as tough a voice as I've ever used I say "I love you mommie!" She replies in typical fashion "What do you want?" While still having a firm grip of her I tell her "Nothing, I just love you and I bought a motorcycle." "YOU DID WHAT??" was the first thing I heard. The next thing I heard was a battering sound and I felt great pain to my rib area as my little ol mommie was slugging my with both fists like she was Rocky Balboa and I was a side of beef in a locker! I hung on for a few punches as I started to see my life flash before me. "DID YOU REALLY" she demanded as her last punch broke my hold (and maybe a rib or two). "Yes, I did" I sputtered in between big gasps of air. The next few minutes were the typical "you'll kill yourself on that thing" and "I don't want to see it" but then she calmed down, much to my surprise, and we really talked. I told her that before dad died, he had all these plans about moving to Weed, and seeing the country after mom retired. He was here in the morning and but gone that night. Bonner had much of the same plans. He got sick on a Thursday and was gone by Sunday. You just never know and I don't want to never know! She looked at the lawn, tears filling her eyes and I reached for her and gave her a hug, telling her that I will be as careful as I can and always were my protective equipment. We shared a wonderful mother and son few minutes as I held her and our thoughts wondered to the people that we had lost in the last few years. These people all had dreams and were gone in what seems like a flash. She understood me and I understand her.

I've ridden the bike around town a little and put a few miles on it. I'll be taking it in for a complete once over and I'm sure I'll hear about hidden things wrong with it. I plan to just be a weekend rider, nothing too exciting. Except maybe sharing my new found joy with some of the nicest people you'll ever meet!


Anonymous said...

Did you remind her that Dad wanted one with a side car for her? I remember them talking about getting one. I'm glad that your living some of your dreams.

Mike said...

You know. I have had the same dream as you. I live out in the country with miles of open roads to ride a bike. When we moved out here, I got the bug big time. When I spoke of such dreams, the Young family collectively dove on top of me like a protective blanket and gave me a resounding NO to that dream.

Just like you have been watching me live my guitar dream from a far, I will be watching your motorcycle thing with the same rapt attention.

However, being you are my best buddy ever. Please keep your head on a swivel and watch out for the other knuckleheads out there. I want to see ya around for a good long time (dis is fantasssssticccc)

Lori said...

My mother was attracted to my dad BECAUSE he had a motorcycle (back in the late 1940's...I have this great picture of them with it) so she always understood when my brother wanted - and got - one. She even took rides on it with him and with my uncle, until she was around 70. She always let me ride with my guy friends, but just around town...and we always had to have a helmet on. I haven't ridden one in years, but remember how much fun they were. My husband has plans to get one once our nest becomes empty so we have plans for some short KS road trips.

Congrats on the new member of your family!