Friday, March 30, 2007

Vaya con Dios, mi amigo

As I sit here trying to think what to type, I'm filled with emotion. I just learned about the death of a fellow cowboy action shooter named Zeb. Although I have never met this person face to face, I feel such a loss. Zeb was a contributor on the SASS wire, a meeting place for folks who are interested in cowboy action shooting, and often his wit and sense of humor brought a smile to my face. He was a "pard to ride the river with". Always there to give a comment, joke or opinion on things. Sometimes I'd see his posts and think, "Man doesn't this guy have anything else to do?" because he would post sooooo much! But that was Zeb. Always there, always fun.
There have been a few of these people that have passed in the last few years. Itty Bitty Storm, Suzie Silk Knickers, Terrible Ted and Beanpot to name a few. Each has hit me in ways that surprised me. I have felt the loss and been saddened by it, all for people I have never met in person or hardly knew.
SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) boosts that it's a family shooting sport. The people that frequent the web site seem to become just that. Although I will never meet most of the people I interact with on the wire, they are part of my family, and I theirs. So I'll remember Zeb, Suzie, Ted, Itty Bitty and the others that have touched my life. I like to think they are all ridding in a posse on the big ranch in the sky, swapping stories around a camp fire and wondering just why we miss them so.

To all my pards that have gone before me I say,
Vaya con Dios, mi amigos!


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