Friday, March 23, 2007

So...where ya been?

At the zoo!! The last day before returning to work, Clayton and I had our last day alone together and went to the zoo. Had a great time and made some good memories for me.

Work has been pretty tough physically and mentally on me. I haven't had to work this hard in a few years. I'm sore but it's a good sore. Maybe my tummy will start to allow me to see my toes again without having to sit down first! It's a new system to learn and it's tough to remember everything, but my new motto is L.J.H.I. The best thing that has come from all this is my faith has been renewed. I'm happier inside now than I've been in years! It flows into my relationships and my spare time and I'm trying to let it fill me up while at work. The "old " Jeff seems to be coming back.

I will be posting again this weekend, so please check back again!


Lori said...

aww..what a cute little fellow!
Sounds like things are going well and you have your priorities in place. Good for you!

Welcome back!

Mike said...

The old Jeff is coming back???? Oh no!!! Lock the doors....alert the neighbors!!!!! :-)

Glad to hear you are enjoying the new scenery!

Knew you had it in ya!

Thanks for the nudge on the blog....need to get back at it again!