Friday, February 23, 2007

The BIG Day

Today is the day! My oldest son, Archie, has his first real date tonight. Just where the heck did the time go? Shouldn't I still be teaching him to ride a bike, or tucking him in at night?
Tonight he and a young lady will be attending the ROTC Military Ball. I will be the chauffeur for the evening and I bet I'm more nervous than either of them. Just another step in his growing up. Next thing I know, he'll be moving out! That's the day I will say "WHOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! ONLY FIVE MORE TO GO!!"

I'll have some photos this weekend, y'all come back now, ya hear?

received a call from Archie saying that the girls mother wants to take them and pick them up. She told me "I just don't want her to get in a car with a 17 year old driver" I guess she was talking about another kid driving as Archie is only 15, but I like her already! Here is a parent that cares about what her kid is doing!!


Mike said...


Steven gave a rose to a girl at school last week. ( he stole one of the 12 I got Cherol) She then called every 15 minutes for 2 days and Steven gave her "walking papers".

Ahhhhh, young fleeting!

Lori said...

I wouldn't let my daughter get in the car w/ a teenage driver until she turned 16....and I still hate it!

I wrote something similar when my daughter went out on her first date about a year ago (not sure the title of that post). It's really hard: the Mother (or in your case, Father) Watch.