Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dancing with the Stars...Fresno Style

Last night, Yvette and I went to see the Dancing with the Stars tour as it made it's stop in the big city of Fresno. Now, the first question that comes to my mind is "why would I buy tickets to see a bunch of, kinda heard of that name, stars do something that is kinda a chick thing (no offense to any ladies that might be reading). Well first, I thought my wifey would enjoy it (Very good reason!). Second, I have a man crush (you heard it here first)on George Hamilton and I thought he would be in the show. He wasn't. The show had five "stars" and most of the "pro dancers" from the show, including Elena Grinenko, Karina Snirmoff and Louis Van Amstel. The Stars had Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna, Drew Lachey, Joey McIntyre and Joey Lawernce. Now, these people are STARS? Just what have these people been in in the last 20 years besides this show? Do you really own a Joey McIntyra CD?
Well, the show started with an amateur dancing contest featuring some of Fresburgs finest dancers. I was able to stay awake for the 10 minutes that it took to whittle the ten contestants down to two. The two would have a "dance off" later in the show.
Then it happened...a thumping beat...then from no where a booming English voice rang out..."Ladies and Gentlemen...Dancing with the Stars will start in 10 am I doing??? Why am I clapping to the beat??? Why am I counting???! The theme music filled the arena and out comes all these people dressed to the nines!! WHAT AM I DOING?? I'm caught up in this! Look! That's Drew Lachey!! He won the title last year doing that cowboy dance!! OMG!! There's Lisa Rinna!! SHE'S HOT! Can't let Yvette see me checking her out. There's Harry Hamlin...who cares THERE'S LISA RINNA!! Whose that bald guy? HEY! That's Joey Lawerence!! Little cute Joey!!
Needless to say Yvette and I had a great time. Man these "STARS" are really more like me than I thought. I could tell the difference between their dancing and when the pros would dance. BUT, they do try hard and did put on a good show and dance way better than I could ever hope to dance...and did I mention that Lisa Rinna is hot?? (not in Yvette's league but still hot)
Well, that's all for now...gotta go write a fan letter to my new man crush Joey Lawerence! (kidding...I'm too old for him)
Thanks for stopping in, until next time
for those who care, the amature couple for Modesto lost to the couple from Visalia and FRESNO!!

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Mike said...

This blog thing is the greatest. You think you know a guy. I mean, the man crush thing is freaking me out!!!! First you are diggin perma tan George Hammy....and moss on the top of the dome Joey Lawrence!!!!!

This blog is edjamacational!!!!


Keep it up gopman!!! I am printing out tee-shirts for your fan club as we speak!!!