Sunday, June 27, 2010

When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder...and other stuff!

Woke up Friday morning and had one of those nights where I had dreams, but don't really remember them. I do remember dreaming something about Jesus and all day Friday and most of Saturday a song has been rolling thru my head. Now this song is one I guess, I've heard somewhere in the past. The lyrics were not familiar to me but strangely I know them. After having one of my all to regular nights of waking up at about 3:30am and not going back to sleep, I decided to Google the catch phrase that will not leave my mind. Wow! Not only is this really a song, but it's been done by everyone from Johnny Cash to Sinatra (Hank Sinatra that is!)
Is God taking to me? I dunno but if He was, this is the message I would want to hear! In the past I've had dreams where I felt He was, then when I listened, it was for my benefit! Anyway, here is one of the many versions of this, my new favorite Christian song!

Tyler and I are in Winters this weekend filming a western movie called "Lessons in Life and Death" ( and having fun doing it. I play Marshal Tom Colton and Tyler plays Billy Colton. It's a fun little film about having to make decisions on where you take your life. We spent all Sat filming in 98 degree weather and lemme tell you, wearing a vest and coat and was HOT! We couldn't wait to get to our hotel and shower! Well after hitting the sack, I woke up about 3:30am (we're you paying attention from that part earlier in this post?) and knowing I'm not going back to sleep decided to go on line. Then I got an itch. Scratched it, not thinking much and felt a bump. Looking down at my side I saw a brown, what looked like a mole. Except I don't have a mole there! Went into the bathroom and discovered I had a tick! Lucky for me, he had just decided to rest on me and not bite. So he got a watery sendoff! Wow! the things I go thru for the ARTS! This is a photo of Tyler, me and Travis Herche. Travis plays the bad guy, The Memphis Kid!
Have most of the movie finished, one more 1/2 day of shooting for Tyler and Travis. All I have to do is voice over. After the film is done, it'll be entered in film festivals starting with DVX West-Fest. You can find it on line there starting July 19th!

Time for our continental breakfast! Yummy....sort-of!
Happy Trails, Buckaroos!


Anonymous said...

One of the easiest ways God speaks to us is in dreams. You are blessed to have him talk to you. Pay attention to the dreams.

sarj said...

when the role is called up yonder I'll be there (singing)