Friday, July 3, 2009

June was a bad month if your a CELEBRITY!

WOW! Did anyone else notice how many celebs died in June 2009?

Of course we lost Farrah, Michael, and Ed, and remember David Carradine (that seems like months ago) started it all on June 3rd.
Here is a list of ones I know about, some you'll know the names others the face and if you don't know either...well I can't work miracles ya know!

Gale Storm: 04/05/1922 -06/27/2009

I remember her because I enjoy old time radio

on XM. She was on My Little Margie on both

TV and radio and later the Gale Storm Show

on TV. She was 87

Fred Travalena: 10/06/1942 - 6/28/2009

I remember seeing Fred on the Donny and Marie

Show in the mid 70"s (yes I was in love with

Marie, I admit it!) Fred was an impressionist

and comedian, and VERY funny!

Known as the "Man of a Thousand Faces" He was 66.

Billy Mays: 07/20/1958 - 06/28/2009
Billy sold TONS of stuff from OxiClean to

Mighty Putty! (yes I bought the mighty putty)

He had a way of doing it that if you were channel

surfing and came across him, you would stick

(no pun intended) with him at least half of the

infomercial! BUT WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL!

He was only 50.

Harve Presnell: 09/14/1933 - 06/30/2009

Ol Harve and I shared the same birthday
(as did we with Clayton Moore, the Lone Ranger)
altho 28 years apart. Harve had a long career but I
remember him from his role in "Paint Your Wagon" and later
appeared in the movie "Fargo" and the series "Dawson's Creek" He was 75

And although he made it through the "Celebrity Death Month" by one day, who could forget the wonderful, Karl Malden?
Karl had a spectacular career and won many Hollywood Awards. Some of his films included "On the Waterfront", "A Streetcar Named Desire" and one of my favorites "Fear Strikes Out". He also starred in the 70's on TV in "The Streets of San Francisco". And everybody knows, he NEVER left home without his American Express Travelers Cheques! A classic phrase still heard today!
Karl was born March 22 1912 and died peacefully on July 1st 2009. Mr Malden was 97 years old.

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