Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Wrap Party

Friday night. The start of a three day holiday weekend. The "official" start of summer. And my "first" some-what Hollywood party! Ok...maybe not the typical Hollywood wrap party, but you gotta ease into these things! I received a text telling me the cast and crew were invited to a "wrap" BBQ on Friday, so Yvette and I hit the freeway and headed to Bakersfield. We found the address, a hotel with pool and deck, where the BBQ was held. As we walked in I heard a voice shout "Hey Jeff!" It was Paul. Paul is an aspiring film maker whose job on this film was to do the behind the scenes stuff. He did interviews with all the actors in the film along with filming some of the cast and crew as we shot the movie. We then said hi to Spark, the main camera and lighting dude and Dale, the associate producer. Spark offered us drinks and Yvette had a Margarita and I had my "hard stuff" a can of Pepsi. Yvette was excited, altho she tried not to show it, about meeting Joey Travolta. Joey didn't disappoint as I said hello to him (got the hand shake hug thing Mike) and I said "this is my wife, Yvette" He said "It's nice to meet you, I'm Joey Travolta" He then said "salute" as he toasted with Yvette. Joey was the cook for the evening and we had burgers, hot dogs, and pasta. Like I said, I'm sure not the typical Hollywood party...unless maybe if Doris Day and Pat Boone gave one! But It was all good. Yvette couldn't get over how nice and "real" everyone was. We all talked and laughed. Grandma Ma Betty A.K.A. Julie Jordan Scott was there, but her and I were the only cast members to show. We took some pics and talked about how far along the film was. Julie and Katie (the only non-zombie in the photo in my last post) came back to film additional footage of the chase scene earlier in the week. Joey told us the trailer is almost done, altho I failed to ask where it could be seen when it is finished! We did find out that it should be done in three to six weeks and then will most likely have a premier at the Fox Theater (you can see the theater at this link ) I will receive a copy of the DVD and was told that the behind the scenes stuff will probably be on it too...I'm hoping!

So after a fun dining experience with a Hollywood film crew, Yvette and I gave out our hugs and hand shakes and headed home, dreaming of the big premier and relishing our "brush with fame".

L to R: Spark, Me, Yvette, Joey, Dale

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Mike said...

Yeeeeeee ol gopman! Its offical. You are a star! Great pics! Thanks for the call....was bummed out that I missed it! It was the thought that counted!

I might have to fly out there to just check out your DVD!

Contary to the most recent post, I am a excellent driver, I would be honored to be your witty limo driver! :-)

Congrats my friend! ( handshake/hug combo with a "comme heaaarrrr ya knuckle head" thrown in!)