Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Well, it's that time of the year again. Time to max out the credit cards, worry about finding just the right gift, and stay up all night wrapping those last minute presents! It's also time for Archie and me and a few others, to toss on our cowboy duds and hang out at Cobb ranch being cowboy ornaments. We're there to add flavor to the western Christmas theme that is offered. We have shoot outs and interact with the customers. This year I am bringing my horse, Suzie, to the show. I was worried that Archie wouldn't like be "on the ground" alone without his daddy there with him, but after the first day, that worry disappeared! It seems that Archie has become quite the ladies man (much in this old man's foot steps!!) and I was more or less, cramping his style by hanging out with him anyway! He's been the main attraction of the 14-17 year old girls that come with their parents to get their Christmas trees.

In a way it's hard for me to handle, but I can't stop him from growing up and I'm sure these memories of the few years that he has time to play cowboy with me will end up meaning the world to both of us when he comes to visit me in the old folks home!

Suzie has been a great surprise to me while we're out there. She's never been around gunfire (we shoot real single action guns with blanks) but after the initial jump on the first shot, she doesn't seem to mind it much. In fact she "gets into her part" and thinks she's Sliver or Trigger or some other other movie horse and wants to chase down those bad guys! She and I have bonded even more doing this together.

She will stand like a statue when kids of all ages come over asking if they can pet "The Santa Horse". Kids stick their fingers in her nose, run up behind her and do all the things their not suppose to do but she never moves. Can't think of a much better way to spend an afternoon than ridding my wonder horse!

All in all, it's been another good Christmas at the far!!


Mike said...

good ol Suzie! Archie the ladies man. Gopman...pass the prune juice!


Lori said... just how old is Archie? He sounds like a sweetheart, and I just so happen to have a beautiful teenage daughter....!

Sounds like your holidays are going well. It's so weird to see pictures with GREEN in them when we're sitting in the frozen Kansas tundra!

Jarre said...

ALL of the "Smith Boys"(that includes all Son's, Grandson's and Great-Grandson's of Dad's) are KNOCK OUT'S, and the girls are all going to be locked away until they are 35! Mike, if you and Jeff need prune juice, WHAT do I need? My G-Kids are the same ages as most of Jeff's kids. How old do I feel?

Slone's Mom said...

Sorry Lori. I'm sure your Daughter is as pretty as you are, but Archie and all of my Grandsons have to stay with me until they reach 40.
I still remember all the girls calling our house and leaving notes and Roses on his Dad's car.
It's really a burden to have such good looking Son's and Grandson's.

Lori said...

Slone's Mom...I just saw your comment today! As the mother of a son, I'm with you all the way! (Actually, I feel that way about my daughter, too. Even though she's college-bound next year, she's still my 'little girl'. I'm definitely not ready for that step in her life - or mine!

Christmas blessings to you all!