Sunday, September 9, 2007

Clayton's big week

Well I'm back to working the blog. Thank for the messages and e-mails asking if everything was OK and when I'll post again, and yes Mike there was more than just you asking! It's a nice feeling. I really have a few things I want to talk about but I'm gonna start with my youngest's big week. On the 26th of Aug, Clayton turned 4 years of old age!

He had a great party with lots of friends and family. Then a few days later he started his first day of pre-school. I picked him up from the sitter, he's in the PM class. As we arrived at school, he looked at me and as he started to cry, he said "I don't want to go to school today, I want to go home and go to school tomorrow!" I picked him up and hugged my little boy.
As we walked to the classroom, his whole life flashed through my mind. where did the time go? We entered the class and sat down on the floor with a book as we waited for the class to start. Mommie was there too and she was helping getting the lunch ready. Tuna fish! Yummy!! As the class went on, I slowly made my way to the other side of the room and watched Clayton and he paid more and more attention to his teacher. Then, my shy little boy, did something that made me smile. As the teacher was talking about the strange rain we had that day (rain in August in California??) my son held up his hand and proudly told the class, "My Daddy has wipers on his truck!" I watched the proud smile he had on his face, walked over to my wife kissed her and said "He's gonna be fine" I don't know if I was telling her or myself or both! I gave him one last look and left the classroom. As I got into my truck, the one with the wipers, I took one last look at the school. All six kids are now attending three different schools. I have a 11th grader, 9th, 7th, 6th, 3rd graders and now a pre-schooler. "He'll be fine" I told myself again, but as that tear ran from my eye down my face, I told myself "And it begins"


Lori said...

This is very sweet. How well I remember those first days of school! (Mine are now a sophomore and a SENIOR!)

I didn't realize you had six children. I come from a family of six: three brothers and two sisters. I am the baby girl, the fifth of six. And I know that I'm going to feel the empty nest syndrome BADLY when my own 'babies' leave.

Your words are precious and poignant. Make sure you keep these for when the children are grown and believe happens way too quickly!

Mike said...

Glad to see you are back! Its always a bittersweet thing to see your youngsters pass through these different stages.

Heck...I still blubber when I think back to our younger days and how I miss the times we had. But look at how far we have come...writing "precious and poignant" blogs!

Yeah...thats Allman Brothers and other music posts were VERY moving! :-)

Just messing with you....very nice post...It got a tear in the mick mans eye.

Only a few days until the big day!

Jarre said...

Sitter??????????? Shouldn't that be my Sister??????????? LOL