Thursday, May 10, 2007

Must have been a cold Autumn

My beautiful wife has a birthday today, but if I tell what number it is, I would be risking physical injury to my person! I'll just say she's over 21!
I first met her when she was only 13. I was, let's say, not 13! From the moment I saw her, there was a connection. I can't say I knew she was the one for me, but I did know she was special. Over the years we remained friends, even though we saw other people and went our own ways, she was always in my heart and on my mind.

I often thought "what if" and wondered what she was doing and where she was at any given time. She was the only girl that made me nervous when I would see her. I hardly ever acted like myself around her.

Years went by and finally the good Lord worked things out so that we could be together, but even then I tried my best to blow it. She stuck it out and today, I'm as happy as I could ever dream to be, because of her.

So Happy Birthday to my best friend (sorry Mike) my lover, my partner and my complete world. I love you more than you will ever know!


Mike said...

Happy Birthday Yvette!

You two have a great relationship and I can tell that you both love each other very much.

Enjoy your 22nd birthday Yvette!


Lori said...

How beautiful! I think we'd all love our spouses to feel this way about us...

She really is very pretty, and you both are so fortunate.

(Today is Carol Dochow's birthday, too....she was one of my best friends in 4th grade, until we both moved to separate parts of the state and lost touch. I haven't seen her since, but for some reason, still remember her birthday...)